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Our Empowerment Center provides individual, couples, and family counseling, certification in Parenting Education, and Bible Training including our “FAITH LOUNGE” which is very unique in itself. Individual counseling/therapy sessions can also be made available by phone. Certification in Parenting Education is County approved.

The Faith Lounge

The Faith Lounge is an Organization established within Our Empowerment Center to bring awareness, and to empower individuals in all walks of life. It was created as a meeting place to encourage and strengthen us as individuals, families, communities, and as a people representing our proud nation. The Faith Lounge introduces a different, unique perspective in life including understanding the power of the role of the Trinity for our day.

Specially Designed T-shirts

The specialty T-shirts are only awarded to those completing our information portal, and they now have an understanding of God’s Recall. The portal is an information station, and once completed, the T-shirts can be requested. With their recommitment to restoring the disappearing Trinity in this dispensation, they have earned the T-shirt. The back of the T-shirt can also be personalized with their name. Our Empowerment Center’s moto with the T-shirts is “Hold Up The Light of Understanding”.


We provide individual, family, and couples counseling. We also offer family support groups. Our groups have a great success rate in that it embraces current lifestyles and culture.  

Parenting Education

Our parenting education classes are seven week two hour courses, or two eight hour courses on the weekend. The classes cover infancy, County Judicial system for adjudicated cases with Child…

The Faith Lounge
Bible Training

The Faith Lounge is an empowerment movement which carries with it several enhancement programs including Couples’ Calculus, Positivity Training, spiritual counseling, and Bible Training. Bible training consists of Christian Bible…