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Our Empowerment Center provides individual, couples, and family counseling. The center provides support to families needing Parenting Education training. Our program issues a certificate upon completion. The parenting program is county approved for adjudicated cases.

The center also offers open ended Christian Bible classes including enlightenment regarding the popular, worldwide “IMMANUEL MOVEMENT” that has been embraced in other countries as well as the U.S.

Our Empowerment Center is also the creator of the popular “FAITH LOUNGE” which is very unique in itself.

The Faith Lounge

The Faith Lounge is an Organization created as a meeting place to speak into existence a more positive life style. In a world with constant reminders of all the misfortunes, trauma, calamities, crisis, and all negative exposure, The Faith Lounge represents a different, unique perspective in life.

Specially Designed T-shirts

The award winning, specialty designed T-shirts are provided free of charge to those completing our information portal. They have earned the T-shirt, and if they choose, the back of the T-shirt can be personalized with their name along with Our Empowerment Center’s moto “Hold Up The Light of Understanding”

“We offer an opportunity to receive our specially designed t-shirts, free of charge, to those who complete our portal.”


We provide individual, family, and couples counseling. We also offer family support groups. Our groups have a great success rate in that it embraces current lifestyles and culture.  

Parenting Education

Our parenting education classes are seven week two hour courses, or two eight hour courses on the weekend. The classes cover infancy, County Judicial system for adjudicated cases with Child…

Bible Training

Bible training at Our Empowerment Center consists of Christian Bible studies with emphasis on prophecy as we know it today. We educate all about “God’s Recall” and the Immanuel Movement….