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Bible Training

Bible training at Our Empowerment Center consists of Christian Bible studies with emphasis on prophecy as we know it today. We educate all about “God’s Recall” and the Immanuel Movement.

We believe in the role of the Trinity, meaning God the Father, Christ our Saviour, Deliverer, and now our King, and the work of the Holy Spirit.


Who needs God?

Why would you need God?

Please take these facts in

Everyone needs God.

Accept it or not, as Supreme Entity, God has access to your brain.

As a means of denying God’s Authority, many feel God has no say in their lives.

Contrary to human belief, God is always “saying” in human lives whether you are a Christian, a believer, or non-believer, God is always having HIS say in human lives. The confusion is that God has given humans the power of choice. Humans can choose to follow the dictates of God or self. God’s dictates exist in all of us.

It’s all in the BRAIN