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A Few Words About Us

Our Empowerment Center provides multiple services for individuals and families. It is a Christian Movement providing services to Christians as well as non-Christians all over the world.
Our goal is to provide support to individuals and families, and to empower them with the skills and tools they need to “grow on in life”.

We are licensed under the name “Empowering Todays Family Culture”./h3>

Our Empowerment Center has many intricate working parts within. All of these parts work together in motion under Empowering Todays Family Culture to build, train, encourage, and most of all empower individuals and families to “grow on” and to pass on the skills and tools they have learned with us to others in our society. Our working parts include:

1. Certification in Parenting education
2. Individual Counseling
3. Couples Counseling
4. Family Counseling
5. Family Support Groups
6. The Faith Lounge
7. Bible Training

Empowering Todays Family Culture is dedicated to empowering men and women in all walks of life to realize their potential, and pay it forward toward the support they give to benefit mankind. We teach and train everyone to learn to educate others.