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Our Services

Individual, family, and couples counseling, parenting education training classes, as well as Bible training classes.


We provide individual, family, and couples counseling. We also offer family support groups. Our groups have a great success rate in that it embraces current lifestyles and culture.  

Parenting Education

Our parenting education classes are seven week two hour courses, or two eight hour courses on the weekend. The classes cover infancy, County Judicial system for adjudicated cases with Child…

Bible Training

Bible training at Our Empowerment Center consists of Christian Bible studies with emphasis on prophecy as we know it today. We educate all about “God’s Recall” and the Immanuel Movement….


"THE FAITH LOUNGE" IS AN ORGANIZATION established to bring awareness, and to empower Christians with a present understanding of the movement of Christianity today as seen in prophetic revelation.


“The Faith Lounge was created as a meeting place to encourage and strengthen our walk-in life. It is an organization that was created as a Sloace. It is a place of empowerment to re-energize and to remember our good works and our positive accomplishments.

In addition to teaching and educating, we discuss our purpose, and our journey. It’s a place where all that is spoken are our good works, our happiness, our good fortune, our good ways, and we lavish on all that is good. As an organization we remember the role of the TRINITY in their eternal work of providing for and protecting mankind, and what God would have us do today moving forward with prophetic emphases.

The Faith Lounge introduces a different perspective in the Christian walk and to all men”.

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We offering specially designed T-shirts to earn or purchase after completing Bible training.

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March/20/ 2020

While listening to the inspirational discussion about the movement, “Immanuel God With Us” I couldn’t help but think how much it is needed I our Christian world. I got chills and my encouragement to the speaker was that every Christian should hear this message.

- Alisha Regular Client
March/20/ 2020

As I listened to the message about the Immanuel Movement, hairs raised on my arms, my boyfriend and I were so moved. I can’t wait to attend classes to earn my T-shirt. We definitely consider ourselves a part of this movement, and look forward to participating as a part of the unique Faith Lounge.

- Savira Regular Client